The team at Kent House have been great to work with - we were never in any doubt that they would be able to deliver to our specifications.

Daryl Williams, Co-ordinator, finest
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WIPP Christmas E-mailer

This campaign used well-designed email to encourage people to take up more of the client's services.

WiPP is an NHS national programme whose brief is to disseminate, promote, and support adoption of better ways of working throughout the NHS. An issue for the client was that, because the scope of the project and range of information were both wide, it was hard to make people aware of everything the programme could offer. Consequently, not everyone was taking advantage of all the information available, and opportunities were also being lost if people only looked in their own narrow area of work .

Therefore, the purpose of the Christmas email was to encourage people to look at information and ideas that they might otherwise have missed or forgotten about. We used the theme of Christmas to send out to all known site visitors a traditional-looking Christmas card by email. However, the email used the "12 days of Christmas" and Christmas presents metaphors to tease readers to look at things on the website that they wouldn't otherwise have done.

The use of tracking made it easy to establish the benefit achived by the exercise - we were able to establish exactly how many people had visited which pages and resources as a result of receiving the email.


WIPP - Christmas Emailer - Screenshot 1
WIPP - Christmas Emailer - Screenshot 2