I have found Kent House extremely professional throughout. They are always responsive to our needs and resolve user issues very quickly, as well as come up with sensible solutions to problems that need addressing.

Linsey Atkins, Programme Communications Lead
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Kent House's support for Web usability.

Web usability refers to the possibility for site visitors to find what they are looking for on the website quickly and efficiently. It is a measure of the quality of a website and websites that are highly usable are easy to learn from, remember and use. For example, usability implies that a website is readable, buttons and links are identifiable and the navigation is understandable, as the users must always know where on the site they currently are.

The major problem facing us today is that approximately 61% of UK-based websites do not comply with usability guidelines and consequently do not present their content and media resources in a well-organised and intuitive form. Website users range from experts and novices and have dramatically different expectations and skills; therefore, it is essential to understand the factors that increase website usability for different types of end users.

Recent research shows that about 50% of users are lost if they cannot intuitively and quickly find the relevant information they seek in the first 50 milliseconds. Also, about 40% of visitors do not return to a website when their first visit results in a negative experience. Usability is one of the most important characteristics of a website and must be given much consideration during website design and development.

For more information please contact our usability adviser at: usability@kenthouse.com.

Usability standards

Kent House ensures that our website, as well as websites of our clients always comply with a growing body of usability standards across design and coding.