Working with Kent House has been a refreshing experience. You ask for something to be done and they do it quickly and efficiently

Paul Vaughan - HCA Project Manager, WiPP
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3 Reasons to choose Kent House

The Web industry is crowded and you have plenty of companies to choose from. Here are three reasons why we think choosing us to work with you would be a good decision.

1. Full service

We are a full-service digital agency, so we will ensure that all elements of your online strategy are conceived, integrated, and implemented in such a way as to get maximum results for minimum spend. We pride ourselves on being pretty good at handling design, structure, information architecture, programming, search engine optimisation, email marketing, social media, database development, online payments, web surveys, traffic monitoring and analysis, hosting, security, training, support, project management, and all the other things that combine to get excellent results.

2. Intelligent solutions

Our company is formed on the principle of using online channels intelligently to meet individual clients’ specific business needs. We do not flog ‘brochure’ websites, take your money, and move on before you realise the limitations. Nor do we sell over-priced out-of-the-box software because the profit margin is good and to trap clients into over-expensive support and development relationships. Rather, we take time to understand your business needs and opportunities. We then use our experience and knowledge to suggest practical but cost-effective ways of delivering your goals.

Our multi-disciplined team includes experienced and highly qualified developers; most members have postgraduate qualifications and expertise in technology and in business and marketing; we are members of local and national professional and trade bodies; we have received awards (most recently from Medilink West Midlands) for innovation; we collaborate with the Universities of Keele and Cambridge; and we have had our research and projects published in national journals. As serious, industry-leading professionals, we will ensure you get a distinctive and excellent result for your investment.

3. Peace of mind

The digital industry is still young, and fast-moving. Consequently, prospective clients are often anxious about the quality, reliability, value-for-money, and future-proofing of suppliers and offerings.  We offer peace of mind on the following grounds:

  • Well-established, financially stable, ISO 9001 certified, award-winning firm
  • Business based on relationship, not churn and burn – many clients have been with us for years
  • Business continuity – we offer enterprise-level service and business continuity and recovery arrangements. We also support clear intellectual property policies and escrow agreements to protect your interests and investment.