The team at Kent House have been great to work with - we were never in any doubt that they would be able to deliver to our specifications.

Daryl Williams, Co-ordinator, finest
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Temati Field Sales Brochure

Temati is a Mansfield based firm manufacturing, promoting and selling Foster ® and Childers products throughout Europe and around the world.

They approached Kent House to redesign their corporate brochure which was an extensive bible of products and information and much too large to carry around. They wanted something which was small, easy to use and which contained only relevant information for the sales field team.

Working closely with Rob our graphic designer, they were able to brainstorm some new ideas and settled on the idea of an A5 brochure with an insert folder at the back for more specific product information. Their field sales representatives will use this new brochure to drive product sales and to connect with their clients.