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Louise Jarvis - Programme Manager, Working in Partnership Programmme (WiPP)
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Surveys, Panels, Research, and User Groups

Need to build a research panel of young parents in the North East? Or a tester group of men over 50 interested in fashion?  We can help to recruit the panel to your specific requirements through social media, targeting appropriate online communities, digital advertising, or through the various general and specialist agencies.

Once you have your panel, we can assist with online surveys - including any or all of: design, delivery, analysis, and reporting. Our online survey platform is very advanced and can be fully white-labelled. As well as marketing and technical specialists, we also have staff with qualifications in statistics and economics.

Our experienced team can take care of the design and print of reports and publications arising from the project or study.

We can also provide and manage online community platforms to support ongoing engagement and community - whether using Facebook and LinkedIn facilities or bespoke private platforms.

Our clients in this field have included BT, University of Cambridge, and SPECS network. Some projects have been for small-scale in-house research, while others have involved flagship international research projects obtaining significant media coverage.

If you'd like to discuss your requirements and how we might help, please contact Kevin Holdridge at or on 0845 638 0700.