I have found Kent House extremely professional throughout. They are always responsive to our needs and resolve user issues very quickly, as well as come up with sensible solutions to problems that need addressing.

Linsey Atkins, Programme Communications Lead
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Website Review

How is your website doing? Think it could do better? Let us review it for you.

We will conduct a thorough review and provide you with an independent assessment and recommendations. This will help you to assess your current return-on-investment and level of legal compliance as well as your options for going forward.

A Kent House website review covers the following aspects:

  • Do you meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act?
  • Are you handling personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act?
  • Are you meeting requirements for online selling?
  • Performance – how fast do pages come up, and how well does the site perform under pressure?
  • Do you have any broken links?
  • Is the code behind the pages well-formed or does it contain errors?
  • How user-friendly is the site?
  • How well do all the features work (feedback forms, shopping cart, etc.)?
  • How easy and consistent is the navigation?
  • Presentation and usability of the information contained within your site
  • Is the site easy to use for people with a range of special needs?
  • Does the site work well when viewed through different web browsers?
Search Engine Optimisation
  • How well is your site covered by the major search engines (Google, etc.)?
  • How far are your pages optimised to get good search engine visibility?
Return-on investment
  • How much value has been delivered in return for your investment?
  • What can you do to increase the return?

You can use our report and recommendations in any way that you choose – you might want to review the findings with your current website developers, or you might use the findings as the basis for tendering for future web development and support.