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Ruth Dowson MBA - Senior Lecturer, UK Centre for Events Management, Leeds Metropolitan University
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SiteManager - Content Management System

SiteManager website content management system

The simple and easy way to manage your organisation’s website.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system enables non-technical staff to update and manage a website quickly and easily.

Our CMS - SiteManager™

SiteManager is a web based CMS that has been developed over the past 7 years. It has been designed to be user-friendly, easy to tailor to your needs and to work for all websites, big or small.

Key SiteManager™ benefits include:
  • The application can be accessed at any time from any Internet-connected PC by users
  • Add unlimited numbers of pages to your site at no extra cost!
  • The client does not need to install any new hardware or software
  • We are committed to continuous improvement and development of the product, and provide frequent upgrades, enhancements, fixes, and customisations
  • SiteManager™ is licensed to your organisation. There are no third party fees, and no restrictive and expensive charges for additional users
  • SiteManager™ has proved itself very user-friendly and reliable with low training and operational overhead for the client – making it easy to manage your site without our input
  • SiteManager™ adheres to open standards and stores data in standard SQL format, so your content can be ported to other systems in the future, thus protecting your investment.
  • The ability to restrict access to pages and / or files to particular user groups

This highly tailorable solution will streamline the approach that your organisation has to effective website management.

For a full feature set or a detailed proposal please feel free to contact us at info@kenthouse.com or 0845 638 0700