The team at Kent House have been great to work with - we were never in any doubt that they would be able to deliver to our specifications.

Daryl Williams, Co-ordinator, finest
Share Dental marketing emails and digital marketing

Share Dental Emailer

We designed an email campaign to encourage take-up of paid subscription to the Share Dental site.

To ensure effectiveness, we made sure this campaign had these ingredients:

Attractive design - to present the marketing message quickly and effectively and to display a professional look for the client

Prominent calls-to-action - e.g. "register today to receive discount"

Personalisation - using the recipient's name

Time sensitivity - setting a time limit for the special offer in order to encourage prompt action

Tracking - so that non-responders can be followed-up later.

Teasers - snippets of information from the Share Dental website to remind users of the benefits available if they take out a paid subscription.