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The Elements of a Search Engine Optimisation Campaign

Below you will find information on the different elements of a Kent House Search Engine Optimisation Campaign and how we strategically work our way through the SEO process to give you optimal results for your website.

Initial SEO site analysis and audit

Our dedicated internet marketing team will go through every aspect of your site from its current rankings to the site layout, architecture and copy. We will then make recommendations on our findings and talk you through the various options open to you for optimising your site and directing more online traffic to your cyber – doorstep.

Keyword and Keyphrase Analysis

Following on from our initial analysis we will consult with you to find out what you believe your “keywords” and “keyphrases” are. Working from that list we will use a series of tried and tested techniques to build on your initial list and work up a comprehensive listing of search terms for your business area.

Competitor Analysis

What keywords are your competitors using and more importantly, what is working for them and what have they missed? By analysing your competitors we can now burrow down to the search terms that are going to work best for you and eliminate any that are too common or generic and are not going to allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Adjust and Optimise Site Architecture

At Kent House we are at the forefront of web development and can advise you on how to build and plan your site so that it is easily navigated by all the major search engines. By implementing just a few changes to your headings and tags you can make life a lot easier for the search engine spiders to index, list and rank your site, thus leading to better search engine listings and of course more site visitors for you.

Keyword Optimisation and Copywriting

We now know what your best keywords and phrases are and what ones we are not so bothered about - so let's get going!

By carefully analysing each of the pages on your site we can come up with some copywriting tweaks and suggestions to ensure that your keywords are popping up in all the right places.

Internal Link Building

This brings us back to site architecture and a cleverly built site. By making sure that your content is relevant and complementary we can create seamless navigation for your visitors and of course the search engine spiders.

Submission to all relevant Search Engines

It is no good having a fantastic new website, fully optimised and ready to go if no one actually knows you are there. Therefore, we submit your site to all the search engines. 

External Link Building

We manually submit your site to a pre-agreed number of relevant directories. These are carefully selected and will always be appropriate to your business and industry. By increasing the number of reputable links coming into your site, you are automatically deemed to be more authoritative and you rise up through the search engines. We can build and research links on your behalf on a regular or one off basis and would always suggest that you allow some budget for submitting your site to some carefully vetted paid directories. 

Article writing / submissions

Article writing and PR is another way to build some quality links to your site. Providing you have some newsworthy information, we can submit professionally written articles to relevant, authoritative sites to give your Search Engine listings a boost.

SEO Reporting and Monitoring

During our initial meetings and brainstorming sessions we will agree with you how often you want us to monitor and report on your site. Initially you may want a fortnightly report dropping down to monthly and even quarterly once you are pleased with how things are going. We are also happy to do ad hoc reports for meetings and presentations and it is worth remembering that we can always revisit a full site audit when you think it is needed.

For more information about our Internet Marketing Packages, please contact Yvonne Conway on 0845 638 0700 ext 206.