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Louise Jarvis - Programme Manager, Working in Partnership Programmme (WiPP)
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Self Care Connect CD

This campaign involved producing a well-packaged CDROM containing mutimedia video clips and suppoorting information. The CDROM was given out at a conference and posted to other contacts.

Self Care Connect is a programme aiming to encourage adoption of  practices that allow individuals to take a greater role and responsibility in managing their own health - especially for people with long term conditions. The purpose of the CDROM was to share best practice and experiences of the self care approach from Bradford Council Parks Department.

We produced a CDROM containing video interviews, linked together with supporting information and including links back to relevant parts of the client's website. Distribution of a package of this nature can be powerful in its own right, but especially so when combined intelligently with a website.


Self Care Connect - CD
Self Care Connect - CD
Self Care Connect - CD