I have found Kent House extremely professional throughout. They are always responsive to our needs and resolve user issues very quickly, as well as come up with sensible solutions to problems that need addressing.

Linsey Atkins, Programme Communications Lead
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Online Surveys

What is an online survey?

Online surveys allow you to ask questions via your website or an email sent to participants about a certain topic. You may want to find out customer or employee satisfaction levels, feelings and thoughts on a new policy or get feedback on a new website or a change in your brand.

Our online surveys

At Kent House we can build a survey around your needs, design it to match your brand and present you with the results in an easy to analyse format. No matter how complex or simple the survey needs to be and where in the world your respondents are, we can help you to capture the information you need. The surveys are entirely anonymous (or not - if that is what you want), they let people tell you exactly what they think and as a result, help you to develop and improve your company or organisation.

The benefits of online surveys
  • Check out how satisfied your employees are
  • Find out if everyone understands the direction of the organisation
  • Test the water for a new product
  • Understand what your customers want
  • Learn what you could do better in your business
  • Discover how people would react to a change in management or policy

To learn more or to get started, get in touch with the Kent House Team.