The team at Kent House have been great to work with - we were never in any doubt that they would be able to deliver to our specifications.

Daryl Williams, Co-ordinator, finest
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At Kent  House, we have been working with the optical sector for many years, Our clients include the AOP, Optometry Today, LOCSU, SPECS network, and several opticians practices. We've presented to practices on using the Web to generate more business at the AOP Better Business seminars.

We know how hard it is for independent opticians to hold their own against the marketing power of the big chains. So we have developed a finely-tuned low-cost service for independents. Visit for information on how we can help you with a great value website designed to perform well in search engines (through search engine optimisation or "SEO") and to encourage website visitors to become patients. 

Whether it's a hard-working website, email marketing, social media, search engine domination, ecommerce, or database-driven applications, we can help. If youre interested in using the Web to build business, give us a call or drop us an email. We'd love to hear more about your needs and to discuss possible solutions.


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