We were very happy with the work carried out and the help received after the website went live ... The team at Kent House are very friendly and easy to contact to discuss any issues ... we are very pleased with the outcome.

Sarah Winterbottom, Marketing, Myers la Roche
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Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)


At Kent House, we are strong believers in the power of primary care to drive improvement in the healthcare system.

We can assist emerging clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to get results quickly. 

* Websites to establish your presence and to communicate and engage with your population

* Intranets and collaboration tools to provide effcient and effective team working and knowledge sharing

* Tools for surveys, consultations, and polls to engage with constituents

* Online directories and mapping tools for services and practices

* Social media and mobile apps

* Using video for high-impact communication

 * Innovative ways of bringing information to life -  such as broadcasting meetings and presentations online, annual reports online, social marketing campaigns

We also have tools to assist with commissioning. For instance, our Insight application provides near-real-time information on A&E attendances and emergency admissions. Imagine empowering your practices with overnight details of attendances and admissions and with tools to identify frequent flyers, patterns of attendance and admission, and ways to record interventions.

“This is the first time I can remember that I’ve had near-real-time activity data available during my career in the NHS.” Andrew Donald, Chief Operating Officer, Birmingham East & North PCT

If you'd like to find out more about how Insight could help you, we'd love to hear from you.

Solid credentials

We have an unmatched track record in this area! Back in the 1990's, some of our current staff were actively involved in GP Fundholding. We worked on the national demand management programme. And we developed and delivered the Department of Health's national Waiting List Toolkit software to help GP practices manage inpatient activity. Our Managing Director and Head of NHS and Healthcare spent ten years working as a commissioner in primary care - as a Fundholding practice manager, as a PCG chief executive, and internationally. Nowadays, we are working with CCGs, national programmes, and SHA clusters. We understand the challenges, and the opportunities to drive change.