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The NHS and Healthcare

We have a strong NHS background and commitment, especially with respect to primary care, and have been working with the NHS and other healthcare bodies for a decade.

Our client list includes:

  • Department of Health
  • Many SHAs
  • NHS Connecting for Health
  • Several PCTs
  • NHS National Services Scotland 
  • National teams and projects such as NHS Primary Care Commissioning (PCC), The Working in Partnership Programme (WiPP), RCGP, The Practice Management Network, and Londonwide LMCs
  • Emerging CCGs and primary care organisations
  • GP practices
  • Optical practices
  • Non-NHS healthcare bodies such as the Association of Optometrists, LOCSU, and Optometry Today magazine

 Here are some of the things we can help with ...

Clinical Commissioning Groups

  • Websites to communicate and engage with local populations
  • Survey and consultation tools
  • Intranets to support sharing and collaboration
  • Clever tools to monitor and reduce A&E attendances and admissions
  • Email communication campaigns, management of contact databases ("customer relationship management"), social media campaigns, mobile apps
  • Membership management facilities
  • Online annual reports (cheaper and more effective than print and postage)
  • Use of video to improve communication and engagement

GP Practices

  • Simple but effective websites to promote the practice, to encourage self-help and appropriate use of services, and to reduce overheads through self-service and automated processes
  • Patient survey and consultation  tools

Event organisers

  • We build, supply, and support the most-widely used event management software in the NHS, an award-winning solution
  • Special NHS licensing enables you to manage extensive and complex programmes of events, conferences, and educational activity across healthcare communities at low cost and very efficiently
  • Better promotion of your events, better delegate experiences, lower administration costs

Healthcare organisations, projects, and programme teams

We have a long and excellent track record of helping teams to make the best use of online and digital technology to meet their goals quickly and efficiently.

  • Websites that promote your message and engage with your target audiences
  • Websites built with content management systems that are powerful and flexible but easy to maintain
  • Custom features - interactive maps and directories, members' areas, learning tools, etc. built to your specific needs
  • Online marketing strategies to get the best impact at lowest spend
  • Email marketing tools and support to reach and engage persuasively with your target audiences 
  • Sophisticated survey and consultation tools
  • Social media strategies and support - reach your target audience where they live online
  • Practical and effective relationship management tools - use 'commercial' approaches to enage with your targets and constituencies more effectively 
  • Mobile app and mobile website development - reach people on the mobile devices they carry all the time
  • Online advertising management - sophisticated tools for handling ads on your web estate
  • Online annual reports (cheaper and more effective than print and postage)
  • Use of video to improve communication and engagement

So, whatever you need to get results online, we can provide you with the advice, technology, knowhow, and support to get it done right.

All our products and services are built to the latest usability and accessibility standards. Why not pay a visit to our Success Stories section to get an idea of what we can do for you?

To discuss your needs and for suggestions on how we might help you deliver on them, call Kevin Holdridge (Managing  Director and Head of NHS and Healthcare)  on 0845 638 0700 or email kevin.holdridge@kenthouse.com