The team at Kent House have been flexible, approachable, sympathetic and supportive throughout the process.

Jonathan Ashby, Communications Executive, London LMCs
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Contract win: Cryer Coatings

3 July 2013

Kent House is pleased to have been engaged by Cryer Coatings, a Leyland based industrial flooring specialist. Cryer specialise in the installation of resin based floor systems and concrete slab flooring.

We will be working with Cryer Coatings to refresh their existing web presence and online marketing (including search engine optimisation). Prior to our engagement, the company website was not even showing up in Google's results for a search on the company's name!  We've already corrected that within a few days by cleaning up the poor SEO work that had been done on the website by a previous agency. As a result, the site already ranks number 2 on the first page of Google, second only to the entry!

Our objectives now are to:

  • improve the search engine marketing for the company so that it is found online by more prospective customers
  • improve the presentation, content, and engagement facilities of the website so that those prospective customers are persuaded to make enquiries

We look forward to delivering great results and excellent value for money to this client. We're pleased to note that Cryer Coatings, like most of our new business, came to us as a result of recommendation from another of our happy long-term clients. Digital marketing can be very powerful, but we still beleive that you can't beat word of mouth and recommendation.


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