Kevin Holdridge


Managing Director

What's your name and where do you come from:

I'm Kevin Holdridge. Born in Singapore, Manchester roots, and Arsenal FC in the veins.

Qualifications and job history:

Spent many years in primary care management - as an NHS practice manager in East Yorkshire, healthcare manager for Emirates Airline in Dubai, and as chief executive of the Beckenham & Penge and Bromley NHS Primary Care Groups (PCGs). A spell as a healthcare consultant working for a large international firm in the City convinced me to set up my own company based on and reflecting my own values, hence the birth of Kent House.

Qualifications? Always been an Internet nerd (should say instead, perhaps, "have always been enthusiastic about the potential offered by emerging online technologies to change the way we work and live"). Kent House is about using technology to help organisations do things better, rather than being focused on technology in its own right. So, as you would expect, my qualifications are in the area of managing organisations rather than in technology and design. I have an MBA, Diploma in Marketing, membership of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and membership of the Institute of Healthcare Management.

How long have you been with Kent House:

I started the Company so have been with it through all stages from one-man-in-an-attic, to one-man-in-a-shed, to one-man-in-large-offices-worrying-how-he's-going-to-pay-all-the-staff-and-bills-next-month.

What is your role within Kent House:

To everyone's relief, I now don't do any programming. My job is to recruit and manage good people, and to ensure that we continue to offer an efficient, attractive and competitive range of services in a fast-changing environment. I know that sounds like CV cheese, but it is true!

Likes / dislikes:

Likes ... frequent coffee fixes ... watching Arsenal play better football than anybody else .... "can do" people

Dislikes ... most politicians ... watching Arsenal play better football than anybody else but fail to win .... people whose sense of self-worth is based on preventing new things from happening

Favourite quotes of the month:

"Lawyers representing those who have been charged have raised with us the question of Parliamentary privilege," Keir Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions (Feb 2010)
"Barcelona 2, Manchester United 0" (27 May 2009).



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