The team at Kent House have been great to work with - we were never in any doubt that they would be able to deliver to our specifications.

Daryl Williams, Co-ordinator, finest
Kent House website developers Christmas Emailer

Kent House Christmas Email

This campaign showed how to harness email with the power of novelty, seasonality, and viral marketing.

Instead of sending out traditional Christmas cards, we sent out a nicely produced Christmas email with a novelty PDF link- a model turkey that could be printed out, cut up and constructed.

This approach offered several benefits over the traditional Christmas card:

  • It was cheaper - enabling us to contribute the saving to charity
  • It had more impact and stood out from the crowd
  • It was easy for people to pass to friends and colleagues, mutliplying impact through the 'viral' effect
  • The technology enabled us to track who opened, read, and forwarded the mail. For instance, we could 'see' the thing being forwarded around people's offices and colleagues, and we could see which of those people chose to download the turkey!

Although this example is relatively lightweight, it does illustrate nicely the potential of email marketing. Why not contact us to find out how we can help you communicate and market using email?


Kenthouse Xmas Email - Screenshot 1
Kenthouse Xmas Email - Screenshot 2
Kenthouse Xmas Email - Screenshot 3