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Louise Jarvis - Programme Manager, Working in Partnership Programmme (WiPP)
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Features and benefits

Customise and create

  • Step by step event creation wizard – allowing you to create open to all, by invitation only and closed booking events
  • Clone/copy existing events
  • Per day/multi day event registration
  • Clean, clear online event details for users to search and access to include:
    • Event details – date, time, description, places available...
    • Additional information for the event(s)
    • Venue information including a Google map and access to driving directions
    • Access to event documents, presentations etc.
    • Event terms and conditions
    • An offline booking form
    • Add to calendar options including Outlook, GoogleCal and Lotus Notes
  • Single sign-up account registration for users to include:
    • Standard profile details – title, forename, surname, job title, organisation...
    • Dietary requirements, special access or other requirements
    • Any other custom fields that you need to have on record for all users
  • Online event sign up via an activated account for delegates, speakers, exhibitors, VIPs etc to include:
    • Places and quota management
    • Accommodation management
    • Workshop/Break out management
    • Booking questions – Yes/No, ranking, free text, multiple choice...
    • Document access
  • Online payment via a payment gateway, PayPal/World Pay, or via offline payments
  • 3rd party and group bookings
  • Email announcements, reminders and SMS

Promote and manage

  • Summary
  • Event audit log – tracks every admin action that is taken for your event so that you can see when and how things were changed
  • Event details:
    • Overview – allows you to manage all of the key settings for your event in one
      easy-to-use screen
    • Cloning options – allows you to replicate the event being viewed, with associated options, as many times as you require. Saves you time
    • Periods/per day options – allows you to assign multiple day options for your events allowing you to events from a few hours to 100s of days
    • Places and quotas – allows you to update settings for places available on a
      per period basis
    • Event costs and discounts for events where payment options are enabled admin users can assign, edit and update payment charges & discount codes
    • Booking questions – allows you to add and manage any extra questions over and above the standard registration form for your installation. Questions can be posed as, Yes/No, Yes/No/Don’t know, scale-rank options, multiple choice single answer, multiple choice multiple answer, free text
    • Event manager notes – allows admin users the option to add project management style notes to events – an internal marker to the event viewable only by admins it makes job sharing and working in teams a dream
  • Documents:
    • Agenda – allows you to assign an event agenda to the event in .pdf or .doc format
    • Flyers – use either a system generated template flyer or upload your own customised flyer in .pdf or .doc format
    • Other documents – add as many additional documents to your event(s) assigning title and release options in .pdf, .xls, .ppt, .doc
    • Abstract management
  • Delegates:
    • Per day management/review – via the delegate list screens you can see a full list of those booked to attend on a per day basis and see the split of delegate, team, exhibitors etc.
    • Manual booking gives system admin users the option to complete a booking on
      behalf of a user
    • Manual cancelation gives system admin users the option to cancel a booking on
      behalf of a user
    • Reserve list(s) where an event has hit its quota(s) a reserve list is automatically activated so that users can book and receive appropriate emails but your event doesn’t overbook causing you added complications. You’ve got the option at any point to upgrade a reserve list booking should a place become available or to cancel it
    • Walk-ins – no matter how hard you try there’s always a handful of delegates that just turn up at your event on the day. The walk-ins function allows you to quickly record them against the event without issuing a confirmation email
    • Record attendance – you’ve got through registration and all the stragglers have rushed into the first session – it’s time for attendance recording! Record attendance is a quick and simple checklist to tell the system who was at the event, who was DNA and any on the day cancellations
  • Print outs
    • Delegate lists so you can view delegate lists on-screen but you also need to be able to pull out that valuable information for use in meetings etc. Delegate lists allows you to extract all of the event level info that you need about those people that are booked to attend your event
    • Dietary and special requirements if you’re offering catering as part of your event then dietary and special needs is your best friend. As delegates complete these requirements as part of registration you’ve got access to a list of those requiring specific diets and also those that need parking or access at the venue
    • Cancellation list – it’s always useful to see when and why a user cancelled their place at your event – the cancellation list gives you a rundown of all cancellations including date, time and reason for cancellation
    • Booking question responses – so you’ve asked lots of questions of your delegates as part of their event booking and now you want to know the answers – booking questions gives you an aggregated view of the responses given and also the option to download a csv of users vs. answers for deeper analysis
    • PDF per delegate booking details sheets – whilst they’re key to your event delegates are not always that easy to work with. On the day they’re bound to have forgotten which options they’ve selected for workshops etc. so a booking details print out comes to your aid. Print them out pre-event or at the event if you have the tech so that your delegate has all of the information that they need for the day
    • Badge creation
  • Emails
    • Send bulk email Issue customised bulk emails with documents and up to date event info to users listed for an event with multi filter options to include:
      • the status of the users booking, confirmed attendance, reserve list, DNA etc.
      • the options that the user has been booked for, accommodation, workshops, per day etc.
      • the type of user for the event, delegate, speaker, team, etc.
    • Reminder emails – set-up multiple reminder emails so that booked users constantly have your event in their mind helping to drive down no-show/non-attendance rates
    • Email history – view a full history of all emails issued to delegates for the event so that you’re always able to track back and check how has been issued what
  • Event options – add options to your event for users to book against:
    • Accommodation
    • Workshops
    • Transport
    • Other
  • Series – For quick and easy reporting and event management group appropriate events into series. Once grouped you can update one event in the series and then mass update across the others saving you time and ensuring consistency
  • System settings
  • Venue and room block management – allows you to create a database of venues for use with your events. Store room/space details (capacities, options, rates) comments, feedback, site visit notes...
  • Categorisation management – by assigning keyword categories for use across all of your events you can be consistent about the target market for the event making it easier for a delegate to search for and find events that are relevant to them
  • Site management – change/amend/manage settings that are core to your installation – postal address, telephone number, etc...
  • Email template management – allows you to manage the text of the auto-generated emails that are issued as part of actions taken within the system e.g. a delegate booking
  • User account management
    • Profile information allows admin users the option to update information stored for a user
    • Booking history shows admin users a full booking history for a user account, listing all event bookings, cancellations etc.
    • Email history – view a list of all the emails issued to a user
    • Admin actions and notes – allows admin users the option to reset a users password information, add notes to the account and activate accounts if the user has been able to confirm authentication

Evaluate & report

  • Quick and simple issue of template driven evaluation questionnaires with the option to add as many supplementary questions as required. Evaluate speakers, workshops, sessions, per day options etc. all via an email direct to your delegates
  • Chase option
  • Manual complete for those users that wish to return evaluation by email/post
  • Receive aggregated statistics and comments that save you time meaning you can assess the success of your event quickly so you can plan for your next event
  • Issue a follow-up evaluation so you can measure knowledge change and the longer term effectiveness of your event on those that attended
  • Standard and advanced reporting that allows you to interrogate data throughout your installation for powerful management and board reporting