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General Questions

What is EventManagerTM?
EventManagerTM is a self service online product that makes it easy and quick to set up and promote any type of event, training session, work shop or professional conference.

Your best friend.

The idea behind EventManagerTM is to remove the cost, the frustrations and the technical hurdles usually involved with organising even the simplest event. EventManagerTM is a consistent, reliable resource that you can always trust to work away in the back ground making your events a success without the stress – an event organiser’s best friend. There are lots of clever, ’ready to use’ features that allow you to do things like:

  • Send out invitations using an email system
  • Create lots of ticket types
  • Promote and market your events
  • Register delegates
  • Take online payment
  • View reports that tell you who is signing up to attend and what they have paid

The technology and features available to organisers who run large multi day conferences or events are market leading and in some cases unique to EventManagerTM.

EventManagerTM has all the essential online features and tools that you will ever need to plan, organise and manage your events and delegates. A self sufficient control centre EventManagerTM is entirely online and you can manage every aspect of your event year creating consistent event pages and promoting and running your event yourself, without having to employ or use designers, web developers or agencies. With EventManagerTM you have your very own central dashboard and control centre from which to stay organised and in control of all aspects of your events.

How does EventManagerTM work?

EventManagerTM is like a big database that’s been put together specifically to look after events. It takes all of the routine, mundane tasks that an event professional has to carry out and stores them in one easy to use system. With delegates able to self-register or register on behalf of a colleague even the time consuming data entry work is taken care of.

How do I start using EventManagerTM?

That’s easy! the team at Kent House today and we’ll discuss your needs with you and work out the best plan to get you started.

What types of events can I create?

There’s no limit to the type of event that you can run using EventManagerTM. Whether it be a conference, team meeting or exhibition EventManagerTM has it all covered. You can even run events with different types of booking access: Open to all, by invitation only and closed booking, meaning that you have all the control you need over your event.

Are there different product versions?

EventManagerTM is constantly evolving so there were older versions of the application but we like to keep all of our clients on the latest version of the system so they’re getting the best functionality all of the time.

What features and functionality does EventManagerTM contain?

You can view a full feature list.

How long does it take to set up an event?

Setting up a new event can take between 30 seconds and an hour dependant on the information that you have to hand and the speed at which you need to create an event. With the clone function you can create events that you run time and time again in seconds. In all cases the process is simple to use and has inline step by step instructions within the ‘Create wizard’ to guide you every step of the way.

What are the costs?

Costs for your own installation of EventManagerTM are divided into a one off set-up fee and then annual hosting, maintenance and support costs. As there’s no booking fee this fixed cost package means you can run as many events as you want with as many bookings as you want.

Do I need to sign up to a contract?

Yes, EventManagerTM is licensed as software as a service to individuals/organisations on an annual basis. Clients normally sign-up for a 2 or 3 year contract with us so they have peace of mind that their costs for the system are fixed for that period.

How can I contact the EventManagerTM Team?

As a Kent House client you have a dedicated link into the support team at Kent House via the SupportSuite software that we use. Right now if you’re just interested you can contact us by visiting our page.

What help does EventManagerTM offer?

We have a web based manual that is regularly updated, email based ticket support, live chat and we’re always on the end of a phone if you need us.

When you update your technology and add functunality will my events also have the update?

Our system developments are rolled out to all of clients free of charge as part of the on-going development path for the system. If a client has a bespoke development that they wish to have implemented this is costed for them as a fixed cost project and once deployed is offered to all other clients free of charge.

How often do you release new technical functionality?

We’re updating EventManagerTM all the time but we dedicate two development phases a year based on the product development path to work on and release major application changes.

Can I delete an organiser account?

Access to the admin screens for your EventManagerTM installation are managed via a set of user permissions that are controlled by your system administrator. If a user no longer requires admin access to the system you can decommission their account by updating the permissions that they have been granted.

What happens if an organiser cancels an event?

EventManagerTM has a built in module that allows you to notify users booked for your event that the event has been cancelled, postponed or rearranged. There’s no cost implication to you as you pay a fixed cost for the year.

Can I create and edit my event site myself?

Yes, that’s the whole idea behind EventManagerTM. Once we’ve built your installation including the design for the look and feel of your public facing pages you can create, promote, manage and report on your events without any input needed from us (we’re always there if you need us though).