The team at Kent House have been flexible, approachable, sympathetic and supportive throughout the process.

Jonathan Ashby, Communications Executive, London LMCs
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Delegate Management

How do delegates pay online?

As part of your event set-up if you activate that event places are chargeable delegates will be taken through the payment process. If your event is free to attend this does not apply.

Can delegates pay offline?

That depends on how you set your event up! If you offer offline payment as a part of your event, users making a booking will be offered offline payment options of cheque, invoice and BACs.

How do delegates pay offline?

If an delegate opts to pay for their booking offline it is flagged within the event as ‘payment pending’ and they are issued an appropriate email advising them that until their payment is received their booking is provisional. Once you have cleared funds for their booking you can confirm them from the provisional (reserve) list for the event which will issue appropriate emails to the delegate.