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Louise Jarvis - Programme Manager, Working in Partnership Programmme (WiPP)
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Contact lists and database

Can I create a database of contacts in the event management system?

As delegates register an account with the system you’re constantly building a powerful contacts list and history of how they are interacting with you as an organization.

Can I import contact information into a database?

You can import contacts into the system as invitees. Once you’ve invited them to an event and they’ve signed up they’re then part of your contact database. You can also add accounts on their behalf.

Can I edit the database?

Yes, you have full access to the contact information added by your users. The only aspect of their profile you can’t edit is their password because that’s encrypted in the database. You can issue a user a new password generated by the system on your behalf but you can’t see the password that they have entered themselves.

Can I search my database?

Yes, EventManagerTM allows you to search your contact database and database of events in a number of different ways from a booking reference to an email address.

Can I delete a contact from my database?

You can delete a user account from your database which also removes them as a contact. If you want to reinstate them at a later point you can reactivate their account in the system.

Can my database comply with the latest Data Protection Act?

The most important factor to DPA is how the data is stored, accessed and managed. As long as you adhere to DPA guidelines for marketing and distribution you’re not going to get clouted by the Information Officer.

By adding an ‘opt in/out’ clause to your delegate profile users are able to choose if they are contactable by you for future events. The option to unsubscribe from marketing invitations from your events is also accounted for so that at all times you’re able to state that you comply with DPA requirements. As part of the set-up of an event email/invitation you have the option to tick/untick if the email should be issued to include/exclude those that have opted out for marketing communications.

Can I send emails direct to my contacts?

Yes you can, either as part of a bulk email to event registered delegates or using the mailto links in the users profile.