Working with Kent House has been a refreshing experience. You ask for something to be done and they do it quickly and efficiently

Paul Vaughan - HCA Project Manager, WiPP
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NHS Connecting for Health



“I’ve had a hand in delivering over 300 events in the past few years ranging in size from 30-50 to 1,000+ paid place delegate events/conferences for Government Ministers all using EventManagerTM. EventManagerTM covers all the aspects of delegate registration that I need it to, meaning I can get on with my real job as an event manager. I don’t have to spend hours inputting bookings into a spreadsheet or database and then emailing people to confirm that I’ve booked them a place. I load the event including event details, documents, venue information and delegates numbers and EventManagerTM takes care of bookings, cancellations and notifications to me and the delegate. It covers workshop bookings, dietary requirements, accommodation options as well as full reporting options and electronic evaluation post event.

I moved jobs a few years ago and I had to run a 2 day event for 30 people with B&B without EventManagerTM and it took me all of my time keeping up with bookings and cancellations that I was tearing my hair out because I couldn’t focus on the things that needed my real attention like the agenda, event content and the arrangements at the venue.

I’ve felt the pain of having a system and then not having one and excuse the pun but the decision is academic, I wouldn’t run an event without EventManagerTM.  It's so good I bought one for myself”

Ruth Dowson, former Head of Events, NHS Connecting for Health


NHS Yorkshire and the Humber




"Overall impression of the website is that it is very user-friendly, both in layout and facilities. I think that once people embrace it, the website will replace old-school event management as it has the potential to save administrators and secretaries a lot of time. Equally, ownership is removed meaning that any member of a team could view and familiarise themselves with an event quickly; useful in times of unplanned absence!

Initially the admin screens are daunting, but only because the website is so vast; after viewing a couple of times, it is quickly apparent how to navigate.

Creating an event is very easy. Equally, the step procedure ensures that details are not forgotten during the creation. Amending events is very easy. Adding documents and delegates onto events couldn’t be any simpler.

Many people have managed to book themselves onto the event without any problems.

Navigation through the screens is easy, particularly to check delegate numbers and details.

The option to email all delegates is also very helpful for keeping everyone informed without the need to update distribution lists in outlook.

The event I’m currently working on has not yet taken place, but I am confident that registering attendance, following up, and sending papers will be as simple and straightforward as the other tasks already undertaken."

Wendi Pratt, Project Co-ordinator, Performance and Delivery


NHS East of England




"The event management system is used widely in SHAs and a number of NHS organisations across England. We think it’s a great system as it removes the administration burden attached with events and workshops, especially when you’re organising a number of large conferences, workshops or training sessions. It allows people to register directly online and download information about an event, workshop or training session. It enables you to monitor delegates and manage quotas, e.g. maximum numbers you can take, reserve places for people, mark people as team, delegate or speaker so that you can download lists etc. Kent House will also tailor the system to suit your organisation. Also, because it is web based, people can access it anywhere they have access to the internet.

I have found Kent House extremely professional throughout. They are always responsive to our needs and resolve user issues very quickly, as well as coming up with sensible solutions to problems that need addressing.

Linsey Atkins, Programme Communications Lead


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