A land fit for heroes

26 April 2009 by Kevin Holdridge  
Filed under News and views

The corporate blog is probably not the place to describe my shame at the way this government treats our armed forces. Instead, I’d like to take this chance to sing the praises of Major Phil Packer, whose campaign Kent House is proud to support, and Help for Heroes.

Phil Packer was injured in a rocket attack in Basra during  February 2008 and was left paraplegic. Inspired by the people at  Help for Heroes, he has set himself a “quest” to raise £1million to try to help in making a difference to fellow injured servicemen and women. Currently, Phil is walking the London Marathon at 2 miles per day (the maximum rate on medical advice).

We admire Phil Packer’s bravery, positive spirit, and his desire to help others. There is more information on Phil Packer’s website.  If you’d like to support Phil’s quest, you can do that through the Just Giving website or by using the widget on the left.

You can also find out more about the work of Help for Heroes.