What things do you always take with you when you travel to an event?

29 October 2010 by Ken Brown  
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Now I have to admit that I was checking in on one of the many LinkedIn groups that I’m a member of and came across this subject posted as one of the discussions.

It got me thinking about what it was that I couldn’t do without when I went away to manage an event. Personally, it was simple things like comfy PJs, two alarm clocks and the event file – my event bible. The PJs and alarm clock stay the same but the event file has turned into a laptop and iPhone!!

Professionally, I almost took the whole office with me. Being able to reach for scissors, blu-tak or post-it notes without having to leave the venue was just so important to me because my role on the day was event management and not SHOPPING!!

So I ask you: What things do you always take with you when you travel to an event?

If you’d like my events box checklist why not send me a message and I’ll either email it to you or I might even throw it up here as a blog post.

EventManager™ gets a shiny new look and feel

15 October 2010 by Ken Brown  
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Whilst it’s definitely getting colder out there we have had some cracking days this week and it’s warming to see all the spectacular colours that Autumn is throwing out at the minute from our view over the campus at Keele University.

As well as exciting new functionality we’ve decided that it was high time that EventManager™ took on some new colour and got spruced up with a bit of a make-over as well.  We’ll be scrapping the existing management screen look and feel and adding the clean new sexy looking interface screens designed by our brilliant designers, Lisa and Rob.

As a rule of thumb we make our systems easy to use and navigate and incorporating great design is fundamental to that principle.  Clean white backgrounds overlaid with strong navigational and management screen colours make EventManager™ both functionally and now visually one of the nicest events packages to use.

If you’re an existing user we’ll be rolling this out to your installation during w/c 25 October 2010.  If you’re interested in an events system why not contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you a demo of the system.

The Kent House Design and Technology Seminar

Throughout the year Kent House run a series of events on various topics including SEO, Design, Website Development and Internet Marketing. On 22 June we will be holding a free seminar on Design and Technology and how getting the balance right can improve your online presence. The event will take place at Keele Hall, Staffordshire.

Download the PDF Invitation for more information.

For this upcoming event we have secured the services of Julius Wiedemann – author of Guidelines for Online Success and one of the World’s leading experts on design and marketing. Julius will be giving the keynote presentation and plans to focus on the evolution of design online and take a look at how design has changed how we do business from branding to emails to mobile marketing.

Our very own Kevin Holdridge, will discuss ways in which design, technology, and marketing can work harmoniously together online. He will show examples of how many companies get this badly wrong, thus wasting their money and damaging their market position.

The seminar aims to help local businesses and organisations understand how to get the best return from investment in online channels such as the Web and email. It will do this by focusing on how to get the relationship right between the technology, design and marketing of a site.

The event would be suited to anyone with an interest in marketing, design and websites and more critically people interested in making their website work harder for them by achieving better results in the Search Engines. I have included the event program below.

If you are interested in attending, please register online or alternatively send me an email with all of your details.

Event Program

Session 1
How we got here – A brief on the evolution of media, communication and design.

Session 2
Your site – Design and Usability – How to integrate great design into your site without compromising on usability.

Session 3
Return on Investment – How to maximise your investment in the online world.

Session 4
Design, usability and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – How to design an effective, easily navigated site yet still do well in Google.

EventManager – Feb update and new members of the family…

11 March 2009 by Ken Brown  
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February was a busy month for the EventManager development team.

We’re on the brink of completing the deployment of v4.0 of the application to all installations which brings all client installations back onto the single core application as well as adding a number of new and improved features.

We’re also delighted to add 2 new clients to the EventManager family:

  1. NHS North East http://www.northeast.nhs.uk/
  2. The National Patient Safety Agency http://www.npsa.nhs.uk/

Their events installations will be deployed in the coming weeks. We’re very much looking forward to working with them both over the coming years.

Event Management using EventManager

20 January 2009 by Ken Brown  
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From a throw away comment EventManager has gone from an idea on the back of a piece of paper to being an award winning event management system in under 5 years…

Events are one of those things that until you have to run one, sound like a walk in the park. To be an event manager you have to think a certain way, the devil’s in the detail as they say. You’re a project
manager, finance manager, AV tech and front of house all rolled into one but with the added extras
of venues, delegates, exhibitors and speakers to work with and that’s before dietary requirements, bedrooms, workshops, reporting, AV and evaluations……Calling your wedding guests ‘delegates’ throughout the planning of your wedding is a sure fire sign that you’re an event manager by trade and a way to cause ripples with the Bride to be before the big day (trust me I know).

One of the painful parts of event management is delegate registration and management. Get it right and delegates are happy and your event is a roaring success, get it wrong and more often than not the
Chief Exec or MD are the ones that will get the complaints and that’s bad news for everyone. In the past spreadsheets and databases were the way to manage delegates but even that was time intensive and wasn’t systematic.

EventManager has been designed and continues to be designed and influenced by event managers for event managers. One of the lead advisors for the system is Ruth Dowson, Senior Lecturer in Events
at the UK Centre for Events Management at Leeds Metropolitan University and former Head of Events at NHS Connecting for Health:

“…I’ve had a hand in delivering over 300 events in the past few years ranging in size from 30 – 50 to 1,000+ paid place delegate events/conferences for Government Ministers all using EventManager. EventManager covers all the aspects of delegate registration that I need it to, meaning I can get on with my real job as an event manager. I don’t have to spend hours inputting bookings into a spreadsheet or database and then emailing people to confirm that I’ve booked them a place. I load the event including event details, documents, venue information and delegates numbers and EventManager takes care of bookings, cancellations and notifications to me and the delegate. It covers workshop bookings, dietary requirements, accommodation options as well as full reporting options and electronic evaluation post event.

I moved jobs a few years ago and I had to run a 2 day event for 30 people with B&B without event manager and it took me all of my time keeping up with bookings and cancellations that I was tearing my hair out because I couldn’t focus on the things that needed my real attention like the agenda, event content and the arrangements at the venue.

I’ve felt the pain of having a system and then not having one and excuse the pun but the decision is academic, I wouldn’t run an event without EventManager…”

Here’s what one of our current clients has to say about EventManager:

“….The event management system is used widely in SHAs and a number of NHS organisations across England. We think it’s a great system as it removes the administration burden attached with events and workshops, especially when you’re organising a number of large conferences, workshops or training sessions.

It allows people to register directly online and download information about an event, workshop or training session. It enables you to monitor delegates and manage quotas, e.g. maximum numbers you can take, reserve places for people, mark people as team, delegate or speaker so that you can download lists etc. KentHouse will also tailor the system to suit your organisation. Also, because it is web based, people can access it anywhere they have access to the internet….”
Linsey Atkins, Programme Communications Lead – NHS East of England

EventManager has a large client base including key NHS clients of NHS Connecting for Health delivering the National Programme for IT, the National Patient Safety Agency and private sector clients including E Health Media Ltd and Dowson Communications.

If you’d like to take the sting out of delegate registration and find out more about EventManager send me an email and I’ll be happy to help.