Google cracks down on SEO tricks

23 February 2011 by Yvonne Conway  
Filed under Search Engine Optimisation

Google has recently announced that it is planning to crack down on certain traditional SEO methods that have in the distant past worked, but are now considered as spamming techniques.

These include:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Adding keywords to non-relevant pages
  • Hiding text or links on a page so only search engines can see them
  • Misspelling of popular or well-known websites in an attempt to get their traffic
  • Creating websites that are made solely for AdSense
  • Sending the Googlebot to a different location or page to a normal user (false re-directs)
  • Paying for links to your website
  • Selling links to other people
  • Link farms
  • Anything that is done to deliberately trick the search engines

Two prominent US companies (JC Penny and have recently been penalised for buying and selling links, so this is an algorithmic update you do not want to ignore. Google have also set up a “report paid links” form, this means people can now report sites that are buying their links for PageRank transfer!