Families in East Anglia and London sought for a Cambridge University Research Project, in collaboration with BT…

18 January 2011 by Lisa Hughes  
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Kent House are proud to be working with Cambridge University researchers, in collaboration with BT, in a bid to recruit 15 families in the East Anglia and London areas for an IT based project.

For one week, members of the families will be asked to record daily activities using certain kinds of technology. They will use a diary template to record the different types of digital communications (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, blogs, games, apps, etc.) that they use on daily basis, the purpose of using them, the location in which they use them, the circumstance of use (e.g. whether usage is planned or interrupts another activity), the mood they are in when they use them, if they are interacting with anyone else while they use them, the time they start to use them, and the duration of usage. The objective of the study is to identify ways in which modern information and communication technology impact both individuals and families and not to test ability or intelligence.

Participants are recruited to ensure that a balanced and representative number of people undertake the study. This is to allow for useful comparison between groups of different ages, backgrounds and geographical locations in the study.

If you are a family (or know a family) in the East Anglia or London areas, with at least one child over the age of 10, please share the link below to find out more about the project and to leave details. Selected families will receive £200 shopping vouchers.www.kenthouse.com/cambridge-uni-market-research

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