What things do you always take with you when you travel to an event?

29 October 2010 by Ken Brown  
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Now I have to admit that I was checking in on one of the many LinkedIn groups that I’m a member of and came across this subject posted as one of the discussions.

It got me thinking about what it was that I couldn’t do without when I went away to manage an event. Personally, it was simple things like comfy PJs, two alarm clocks and the event file – my event bible. The PJs and alarm clock stay the same but the event file has turned into a laptop and iPhone!!

Professionally, I almost took the whole office with me. Being able to reach for scissors, blu-tak or post-it notes without having to leave the venue was just so important to me because my role on the day was event management and not SHOPPING!!

So I ask you: What things do you always take with you when you travel to an event?

If you’d like my events box checklist why not send me a message and I’ll either email it to you or I might even throw it up here as a blog post.


4 Responses to “What things do you always take with you when you travel to an event?”
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  2. Event Management Mumbai Pune says:

    I would like to have a detailed look at the checlist. It will also help me understand if anything is missing from my event checklist

  3. Andy Johnson says:

    I always ALWAYS take with me my iPad. I am not quite sure how I survived without it! As an event planner it enables me to edit seating plans, email organisers and speakers, and it is light and small to travel with. Maybe you should substitute your iphone and laptop for just an ipad?


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