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Ruth Dowson MBA - Senior Lecturer, UK Centre for Events Management, Leeds Metropolitan University
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About Us

Realise your online potential with Kent House...

“Kent House” is the trading name of Kent House Consulting Ltd. We have been developing and maintaining highly effective websites for businesses and government since 2001.

We are acknowledged leaders in our field. Our products and services include websites, internet marketing, web applications, email and database management, and e-commerce.

We believe that these are our key differentiators:

  • Kent House is built on the premise of delivering maximum value. We are committed to supporting clients by providing services that meet their real needs effectively and at the best possible cost.
  • We are a small business operating ‘smartly’ with low overheads and no financial lending. That means we can keep unnecessary cost down and do not have to churn projects simply to support our overheads or investors.
  • We use – wherever possible and appropriate – open source software as that generally delivers much better value, flexibility, and security than proprietary products
  • We invest in high quality infrastructure to ensure that your website or online application performs excellently.
  • We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us for several years!
  • We also pride ourselves on the quality of our work. To support that, we have ISO9001 registration.

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